Out of the Formless...

From the realm of pure Being, loving intent gives birth; music, art and spoken expressions touching the heart and enlivening the soul.

Poetry & Meditations

Conversations with Ed & Kim

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From out of the formless arises...

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Personal, universal, grounding, and expansive, spirit-infused music calls to us, transcending the mind, and penetrating the heart, speaks to the very core of who we are.

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Energetic conversations with stories about growing in consciousness, Ed and Kim provide practical insights for navigating the inner journey while nurturing and inspiring all to open fully to the Presence of the Divine within. 

"The unseen is seeing itself. 

The unfelt is feeling itself. 

The unknown is knowing itself. 

The unspoken is speaking itself. 

The unmanifest is manifesting itself."   Adyashanti

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