Out of the Formless...

From the realm of pure Being, loving intent gives birth; music, art and spoken expressions touching the heart and enlivening the soul.
New Album Out!
Personal, Universal, Grounding, Expansive, Spirit-Infused music enlivens the very core of who we are!

"I got goosebumps listening to this! Magical!" Liz P.


"Transforming and deeply spiritual experience.

Too special for words."  Ian C.

"Mind-blowing!" Maya H.


"This is absolutely gorgeous, so celestial and uplifting!" Frances K.

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Album Art by Harmony Grace Art

Melodious songs in the language of light flood Kim Ramsey's heart as she walks in the woods communing with the Divine. Her close friends, Sam and Luci encouraged her to record some of these flowing spiritual expressions. Kim handed 5 of these songs over to their musical genius. They produced and recorded the music in such a way that it perfectly reflected how Kim felt and heard the music when she first sang them; an angelic, cosmic choir reverberating the glory of the Divine!

Hear The Language of Light, Coming Home

You can access the songs everywhere including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google

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