Within the dynamics of their 40+ year relationship, Ed and Kim shifted their levels of consciousness dramatically, learning many profound lessons, and how they served as a teacher for the other, assisting in the healing and balancing within themselves while appreciating their uniqueness.  


With many stories to tell and songs to sing, Ed and Kim feel called to share what they have learned and experienced on this path of awakening and transformation.  Light-hearted and tender, mystical and mysterious, Ed and Kim transport you to the inner realms of the heart, imparting unconditional love, wisdom, and joy. ​

Ed’s Spiritual Bio

With a background in military Episcopal and interfaith services, Ed was captured by love and devotion for God during the “Jesus People” movement of the late 60’s. Worshipping in living rooms and converted barns, Ed attended a Charismatic Bible School with his wife Kim, and for a time served as a minister and worship leader. Later in his career as an information technology manager, Ed was drawn to reach for unconditional love and enlightenment as spiritual goals, and to help others by describing the process of this journey in practical ways.


Major impacts on Ed have been from Kevin B. Burk’s “The Hero’s Journey” course, “A Course in Miracles”, Ernest Holmes “The Science of Mind”, the books of Eckhart Tolle, the books and seminars of Abraham-Hicks, and especially the books and seminars of David R. Hawkins who developed the Map of Consciousness and the concept of power vs. force.

Kim's Spiritual Bio

While pursuing a degree in music education, Kim had a Divine, personal encounter with God that changed the focus of her life. She attended a Charismatic Bible School with her husband Ed, raised their six children, and devoted herself to prayer, music, and personal ministry. 


Today, as an interfaith minister,  Kim’s greatest joy is to nurture others through spontaneous sacred songs in the Language of Light and share reflections of our awakening journey through storytelling and poetry.  She brings a freshness of Presence inspiring others to remember who they truly are; Divine Humans returning home to their Source of Being. 

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