"We live in evolutionary times. The seas of change are upon us.  
With anchoring Presence and Guiding Light,
let us joyfully voyage life’s transformation together."

From house to churches to outdoor events, Ed and Kim weave spontaneous, immersive music with stories about growing in consciousness, providing humorous, inspiring and practical insights for navigating the mystical process of transformation and expansion in rEvolutionary times.


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We'd love to have you join us on this journey!
  • Understand the greater context for this evolutionary current we are in.

  • Gain an appreciation for your individual and our collective journey.

  • Move with the process of your transformation with greater acceptance and ease.

  • Celebrate with others our evolutionary unfolding, honoring how far we’ve come.

Imagine a bright vision of our evolutionary expansion in higher consciousness!

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Both a poetic celebration and practical application, Ed and Kim honor the soul’s journey of spiritual growth, celebrating the changes while nurturing greater openness to the Presence of the Divine within.

"I’ve had the pleasure of watching Ed and Kim Ramsey come together to create this powerful project. Offering different approaches towards the inner journey of spiritual growth, this dynamic duo invites the participants to immerse themselves, in multiple ways, and open to their insightful stories. Their complementary energy and the love they share for others is felt by everyone. Sherri C. 


"Kim is a powerful messenger of love, light and healing. Through her unique sound meditations and sharing, her loving, motherly light opened deep places within my being.  Her music is a channel of awakening energy." Christian S.

About Us

Within the dynamics of their 40+ year relationship, Ed and Kim shifted their levels of consciousness dramatically, learning many profound lessons, and how they served as a teacher for the other, assisting in the healing and balancing within themselves while appreciating their uniqueness.  


With many stories to tell and songs to sing, Ed and Kim feel called to share what they have learned and experienced on this path of awakening and transformation.  Light-hearted and tender, mystical and mysterious, Ed and Kim transport you to the inner realms of the heart, imparting unconditional love, wisdom, and joy.  

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