Nurturer, Inspirer, lover of God, and committed to our evolution in consciousness, I would love to speak with you or your group to help fan the flame of transformation and rebirth!  


Through poetry, storytelling, songs, meditations, and photography may my creative expressions bring you spiritual refreshment as we navigate this Great Change together! 

Spiritual Support & Ceremony Officiating

Kim’s musical and poetic gifts transport you to higher levels of consciousness, connecting you to your Soul’s essence, and nurtures inner transformation.  


Chanting in the “language of light,” Kim Ramsey’s spontaneous songs instill energy states of pure sound vibration, divinely encoded messages of unconditional love to reach the deepest level of your heart, tuning you to your Divine nature.  

"Kim's energy is contagious and her meditations are powerful. Her openness and gifts have allowed me to confidently dive more deeply in search of my higher self."  Gina M.


"Kim’s unique sound meditations and her loving, motherly light, opened deep places within my being. Her music is a channel of awakening energy.” Christian S., Jacksonville, FL


“Kim’s sound mediations exposed me to dimensions of life I’ve ignored for a long time.  She is a deeply intuitive, inspiring person who has expanded my horizons and helped me open to new possibilities.”  Melissa G., Jacksonville, FL 

Contact Kim for additional information and to schedule an individual session or group ceremony.


Starting as a hobby, taking pictures with my iPhone quickly became a passion. Overwhelmed by all the magic and beauty everywhere, I am compelled to try to capture just a fraction of what I feel so moved by in everyday life. My greatest joy is to share this beauty with everyone, that all too, may walk in greater wonder and appreciation.


A complete portfolio for purchasing photos and photo products is coming soon!

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