• Kim Ramsey

Perspective within the Eye of the Storm

A storm of incredible magnitude is upon us. The deafening noise of fear reverberates over the airwaves creating incredible turbulence, potentially overcoming the calm, reasoned nature of wise souls.

Thankfully there is a place of refuge from this tumultuous tempest. Here in the eye of the storm, peace prevails. The eye provides clarity of vision, a wise perspective not easily accessed when battered by the prevailing winds. I offer another view gleaned from the silence within my heart.

Four thousand six hundred and thirteen deaths and counting as a result of this global virus, precious lives lost. The entire world shuts down in absolute fear of this spreading virus, determined to end its advance.

I ask, where is the passion to stop the tyrannical regimes from murdering millions of their own citizens? Why have we continued to condone such behavior, aligning ourselves economically with countries who act in such brazen disdain for life?

Why has the world not combat the innocence lost due to sex trafficking, with the same zeal we are witnessing now for a flu-like virus? The lives of children stripped away by a desensitized culture that also prevents millions of souls from seeing the light of day because of the inconvenience their birth would bring.

As the world takes a pause, and we’re forced to sit still, stay at home, maybe we can get quiet enough to ask ourselves some serious questions. This coronavirus is pointing to the real virus we must tackle, the cancer of evil that has held us all captive for eons.

As more and more people enter into the eye of the storm, this presiding presence of peace grows, and clarity of vision restored. We regain our moral compass, and with discernment, we see clearly; we respond to the crisis with reason, wisdom, and love. I invite us all to enter into the eye, to be still, to pray, and ask for the clarity of truth that this storm brings.

The storm is here, eradicating evil, clearing indifference, and the turning away from the truth. The allowance of darkness to prevail in our world is coming to an end. Once this storm has ended the world will be a very different place. Life for all people will be honored, valued and regarded as precious. Love and unity will prevail.

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