• Kim Ramsey

Reflections on the Great Pause we find ourselves in…

Years ago, I had a dreamlike experience. I boldly stood before a gigantic octopus and gazed deeply into its hideous evil eye. With authority, I declared, "We are Sovereign Beings of Light and choose to no longer be under your control!" After my proclamation, I touched one of its thrashing tentacles, and like popping a balloon, he deflated into nothingness. Intuitively I knew that only fear kept this pathetic creature alive. As students in the school of life, daily, we are presented with lessons, giving us opportunities to release some of that hot air keeping the monster alive. During this Great Pause, circumstances handed us a graduate-level course. It's easy to live life through tunnel vision, unaware of the virus of fear lurking underneath until the "crisis" arrives; loss of health, loss of income, and even death, the fear reveals itself. Forced to slow down, the Great Pause allows us time to look within, to reconnect with our Source of Light and our power. Call it faith, the love of God, Source energy, it is Truth, it is real, and it is our eternal nature. This dream and my life experience give me great hope. Whatever thought-form fear had its hold in our lives, we are staring it down, and with every pop, we free ourselves from its negative energy. In all the uncertainty of these times, in this, I feel confident; steadily, the darkness of fear dwindles, as we stand up tall and reclaim the brilliance of our light!

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