• Kim Ramsey

Slowly Returning

Updated: Apr 24

On Friday, April 17th, we received the much-anticipated announcement! With guidelines and restrictions, I did what Floridians do and headed to the beach. When my feet hit the sand, my heart opened, and the lingering doldrums from quarantine clouds parted. To my delight, I entered the dance, small clusters of family or friends all moving harmoniously down the beach, choreographed in such a way that we managed to keep an honorable distance between ourselves. Smiles replaced masks, and we greeted one another with hope glimmering in our eyes. There was no fear, no worries, just appreciation for the gift of nature and each other, and knowing that it's all going to be okay. Countering the atmosphere of fear associated with this virus, we are demonstrating that we are wise, loving, and considerate people who value the wellbeing of all. We've got this; we're coming back, more empowered, and connected than ever!

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