The Language of Light

Personal, Universal, Grounding, Expansive, Spirit-Infused music enlivens the very core of who we are.​
"I got goosebumps listening to this! Magical!" Liz P.


"Transforming and deeply spiritual experience.
Too special for words."  Ian C.

Immersed in the sacred song of all creation, The Language of Light imparts high-frequency melodies bathed in an ancient, universal language; energy words that act as keys unlocking doorways to the soul. 


Subtle resonance transmits compassionate love, opening to the beauty of the Divine within; an experience beyond words.

"When I played this, my seven year old son said “cool” then promptly took my phone over to his brother to have him listen to it. He then said “isn’t it amazing! I wish I could sing that." I was touched because I felt the same way. A wondrous magical beauty!" Katie B.


"Mind blowing!" Maya H.


"This is absolutely gorgeous, so celestial and uplifting!" Frances K.

The Language of Light is pleased to announce six newly released singles available almost everywhere you choose to get your music from

(iTunes , Spotify , Google Play, Deezer, etc.)

Divinely encoded messages uniquely attuned to every individual so they may experience more fully their core essence of Being, this cosmic, ethereal song calls us to remember and feel our connection to Source, 

A mystical call to enter into the enchantment of nature where our hearts reconnect to what is true.   In our deep listening, we rediscover our magical and childlike qualities, the wonder and simplicity of our souls.

An exquisite, angelic anthem ushers the heart into reverential awe for the sublime, unspeakable beauty of All that Is. This worshipful, sacred song reverberates throughout the cosmos a declaration and appreciation for the glorious perfection of the Divine.

A bright, energetic impulse lifting the heart into a carefree joyousness that revels in the freedom of soul filled living.  Light-hearted yet grounded in earthy, tribal passion, this song inspires us all to live a spirited life.

A delightful, serendipitous experience shared by those with a love for music and each other, birthed a song composed by all, in one magical moment, demonstrating the co-creative power of unity and resonance.

A powerful, uplifting affirmation and meditation for your walk. Ten minutes of grounding, focusing, and centering that powers the rest of your walk, run, or activity.

About Us

The Language of Light is the creation of Ed and Kim Ramsey as a passionate expression of the Divine flowing through them. Their spontaneous, spirit-infused music holds you in a Divine embrace while lifting you to the expansive realms of pure conscious connections to who you truly are.  


Encouraged by close friends and fellow musicians, Sam and Luci Williams, Kim recorded the spontaneous songs she sang from her communion with the Divine while walking in the beauty of the forest and along the ocean beaches. Together, they grew these spirit inspired songs into choral masterpieces, reflecting what Kim heard and felt when she first sang them.  


Sam and Luci’s influence nurtured the musical fire in both Kim and Ed, blazing a new path of writing and performing transcendent music.  Renewed, Ed’s lifelong love for live audio and recording, now finds expression through the producing, mixing and mastering of their eclectic songs.


Bringing love and presence into everything they do, Ed and Kim Ramsey, as The Language of Light, enjoy creating all types of music ranging from a cappella choir treatments to guided meditations with the intention of uplifting and blessing those who hear their creations. 

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